Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Running Nightmares

So you know those awful nightmares you have before a big life event. Like the ones where you go to work naked or you get up to give a speech and you can't find your notes. I've had a few running nightmares, like the one where I was walking to the starting line and realized I was wearing jeans and flip flops. So traumatic. Well I just had a new running related nightmare this last weekend.

I dreamed that I was pacing the Alpine Half, and then at mile 12.5 I realized I was completely off course and lost. Then the dream just got totally crazy because I hitch hiked ----twice---- trying to find where I got off course. Then I finally found where the end of the race was, just to start running to the finish line from the wrong direction.

You know in dreams where you're thinking...this can not really be happening, but you just can't seem to wake up?? Well that's totally how I felt as I tried to circle around and "sneak" back onto the actual course only to finish in the pouring down rain 8 minutes past my assigned finish time.
Well, it's been over 74 hours and I still haven't woken up. Yes all of that actually happened to me on Saturday. Best and worst running story ever! :)

I may have paced those first 12 miles perfectly, but I'll forever remember the Alpine Half as the race where I missed a turn and hitchhiked----twice. :)

This was me the moment I got out of the first car I hitch hiked in, and realized I still wasn't on the course.

 This gif pretty much sums up my desperation those last 10 minutes of the race. Longest 10 minutes of my life! I was like a little determined running psycho. I was going to get that blasted chip across the finish line.
My family and I have had some good laughs retelling this story over the weekend. The good news is that I ran 13.9 miles at the Alpine Half and then ran 8.53 on the treadmill after (it was raining and after all those Alpine hills I thought the flat would be good for my knee), for a total of 22.43 miles. Now I begin the taper until Utah Valley.

The Alpine Half was actually a wonderful race (and the course was well marked unless you were me). I'll post a full review soon!

Have you ever had a running nightmare?

What about a dream where you can fly?
Those were my favorite dreams when I was a kid, but I don't have them anymore.

Any one ever missed a turn during a race? I can't be the only one? Anyone? Anyone?

What was the best part of your Memorial Day weekend?

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