Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Foodspiration

My eating has been all over the place this pregnancy. I've indulged in all kinds of yummy foods...some made me feel wonderful and some made me feel quite awful. 
I'm not posting a fair representation of how I eat, but you don't want to see the bags of Cadbury Mini Eggs, the bowls of cereal or the copious amounts of chocolate chip cookies (Why does my local Subway have to have a drive up window??), and I don't really want to remember them either. 
So today I'm posting some of the foods I've been eating that always leave me feeling energetic and just plain good inside. 

My go to breakfast has always been rolled oats (not quick oats!) with chia seeds, flax, banana, cinnamon and plain greek yogurt. 
Egg sandwich with some "mexican relish" on top. This "mexican relish" had black beans, corn, cilantro, salsa, Trader Joes Cilantro Lime dressing and lime juice in it. I used it to top anything from salads to wraps. 
We've been eating pancakes a couple mornings a week. We use the Kodiak pancake mix (high protein, whole wheat).. I add flax seeds, top with plain Greek yogurt and then drizzle with Kodiak berry syrup. If I'm extra hungry I add a side of  scrambled eggs and ketchup.
Scrambled eggs with spinach over toast with hot sauce. 

Hummus, turkey, sauteed zucchini, romaine and Trader Joe's Cilantro Lime dressing wrap
 Chicken (cooked in crockpot with salsa) with "mexican relish" and guacamole salad.
  Leftover turkey, roasted broccoli, spinach and ranch wrap
 Black bean salad with sugar snap peas and guacamole

 Smoothies!! Berries, 1/4 a banana, spinach, plain Greek yogurt, light vanilla soy milk, and flax seeds
This one I added a peeled orange
 I've been obsessed with wasabi peas and apples. I always take this combination when I'm out running errands. 
 Leftover dinner roll, with soy butter (peanut butter substitute since I'm allergic to peanuts) and banana.

Sugar snap peas dipped in guacamole 

Baked chicken cacciatore with sauteed zucchini topped with parmesan cheese
Vegetable skillet lasagna. This dish is packed full of veggies with whole wheat egg noodles. So yummy! Served it with a side salad.

 Grilled chicken and steamed veggies is the easiest go to dinner there is. 
Thanks to my cousin Emily, I'm currently taking the USANA BabyCare prenatal vitamins. I'm really liking them so far. It is hard to see how vitamins help us, but my nails are noticeable stronger and my acne cleared completely up when I was taking them consistently. I missed a few days and had a boil pop up on my neck (seriously- I'm 31 and I break out more than ever). I'm going to take them for the next month and a half and then switch back to my other prenatal and see if the acne returns. 
Happy Friday ya'll!!! Make it a great one!

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