Thursday, June 12, 2014

Operation Race Outfit

I'm ashamed to admit that I have driven up north at least 4 different times looking for my race day outfit. Today we stopped at Cabelas to pick up a Father's Day gift and then headed to Scheels. After an hour of trying on clothes, we tried to get on the Farris wheel. Come to find out Mason is too short to ride and Cory is too short to ride alone. Major fail. Cory was so mad at me and said, "You tricked us. You said we were going to Scheels to ride the Farris wheel, but it was really so you could buy stuff." Oops. He's on to me.  I think the shooting gallery smoothed things over a bit.
After searching for days, I bought a pair of "long" Nike shorts that I thought would be perfect. (I'm a little self-conscience in shorts because "thunder" and "lightening" seem to get hungry and eat them while I'm running.)  I also bought some KT tape (for Ragnar), Body Glide, and a pair of shoes I've been wanting since they came out. They were on clearance b/c they were a return. (I sure hope someone didn't run 100 treadmill miles on them and then return them.)
 Man I love a deal!
I put the the new Nike shorts on this evening. Must have been the store mirrors, because they didn't look as good as I'd thought when I bought them. I still don't know what I'm going to wear, but here are a few of the options. Do guy runners even care what they wear on race day, and whether or not their shoes, belt and headband match? Surely not. I think tapering (running way less so I can have fresh legs on race day) is making me crazy!!
This heavenly zucchini, chicken pasta with vodka sauce cheered me up. I ate out on the porch by myself, while I tried to fight all of the ugly body image demons in my head.
No way I can stay in a funky mood with this guy around.
Runner friends, do you buy a new outfit for races?

Do you take your kids with you when you're clothes shopping? If so, what are some of your tricks?

What are you looking forward to this weekend?


  1. So jealous of all your cute running clothes!! Good luck in your race!

  2. Hope the race went well. You're amazing