Monday, May 19, 2014

My PT is a magician

I got to the gym this morning extra determined to get a great workout in, even if I couldn't run.  I focused on my abs and pushed myself on the spin bike. I was able to leave sweaty and tired. Thanks to an amazing friend watching my boys last minute, I was able to see my Physical Therapist this morning. I left the appointment with new hope that I'll be able to run all of the races I have planned over the next 7 weeks.

Check out this sexy tape job I got at PT. Could they at least use pink tape or something? I'm going to request that tomorrow when I go back. :)
 I have the most supportive kids. They make sure I'm not sloughing on my stretches and core work.

 And apparently I'm celebrating my birthday all week long, because the yummy food just keeps coming. My sweet mother-in-law made me brownies with frosting and Cadbury Mini Eggs on top. She knows me well.
 Dinner tonight was Terryiaki chicken meatball lettuce wraps. Costco was sampling the meatballs on Saturday, and the sweet old sample lady totally convinced me that I HAD to buy a package. Luckily I liked them just as much tonight as I did on Saturday.

Do you feel obligated to buy the products you sample?

Brownies or cake?

What was for dinner tonight?

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