Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My favorite distractions

We've had a busy week around here, and it's only Wednesday. Total rest day, except for a short hike with Slim and friends. My legs have been a bit achy but no pain, which gives me hope that I may make it through these next weeks injury free. On May 24th I'll be pacing the Alpine Half Marathon as part of my 20 mile training run. I hear it's a hilly course, so that should be fun. :)

I can get quite obsessive about the running thing, so luckily I've had some of my favorite distractions this week.

Our 11 month old lab, MaeBelle, is a mess but very much a part of our family. I've tried to take her running, but it always end badly. Last time she pulled me so hard that she snapped the leash. I was well on my way to running the fastest mile of my life. 
Maybe I should see if they'll let me race with her, and I'd be in PR city for sure!
 This picture was taken right after Cory dumped a bottle of Windex and some dish detergent into my big pot. Pirate stew is serious business you know. He's taught me so much patience in the past 4 years.
Slim figured out how to open my favorite lip gloss and smeared it all over his face, while spilling a drink. He is such a gifted boy.

Thankfully we were able to get out and enjoy a beautiful hike this morning. Not every part of being a parent is chaos and damage control.

I'm eager to hit it hard in the gym in the morning. Rest days will do that for you - make you extra hungry for a sweat in your eyes kind of a workout.

Do you get obsessive with your hobbies?

Do you run with a dog?

What's your favorite non-running stress reliever?

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