Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Nothing can humble you as quickly as a Mother's Day card from your 4 year old. Apparently I'm cheap and spend all of my free time on the computer. It only hurts cause there is truth there. ;) I also need to learn to make meatball soup to live up to my reputation. Anyone have a recipe for me?

 At least he thinks I'm as special as an Alien on an autopsy table.
 This picture makes Cory look like a giant.

I got the best Mother's Day gift from my mother-in-law. 
Everything I Need to Know I Learned From a Little Golden Book

I'm seriously digging this book with it's wisdom and familiar illustrations.

 This one says, "Get some exercise every day." Today's scheduled "cross training" day turned into speed work at the track.  

 "Steer clear of shady characters."
 I usually run with others, but today I ran by myself. I always take my mace and leave my music off or turned down, so that I can be on guard against shady characters. I tell Kevin I'm not nervous to run alone, but honestly I'm quite a scardy cat, jumping at every shadow with my thumb securely on my mace trigger.

Today's workout:
Ran 2 warm up miles to the local track.
Did 8 continuous laps (2miles), sprinting the straightaways and jogging the turns.
Ran the 2 miles home.
Total of 6 miles and had to earn each one. My legs are really heavy from last week.

What was your favorite children's story growing up? 
I loved all of the Billy and Blaze books. My fellow horse enthusiasts may remember these.

Do you like to do your speed work on the track? 

Are you scared of the dark?
I'm as bad as a 5 year old.

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