Friday, May 23, 2014

Pace me, maybe.

I just laugh every time I read this. Tomorrow morning is the Alpine Half Marathon, and I get the opportunity to pace the 2:20 group. I'm really excited to run in a new place and to experience a challenging course. It's also my 20 mile run day, so I'll get to run 7 more miles after the race. :)
With any new distance I get a little nervous, but honestly with the way the week has gone, I'm kind of in a "Just bring it!" mode. I need a confidence booster and running 20 miles is a sure fire way to get it.

The pacers get to wear these cute tanks.

 Started today off with boot camp. If you're local, Kick Your Trash Bootcamp is taking new people for June. The trainer who does it is great and you will most definitely get your trash kicked in a good way. ;)
These 3 yahoos kept me entertained this afternoon. 
Just look at this little face.

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