Sunday, May 18, 2014

I choose happy.

Yesterday was my birthday and I have had quite the amazing weekend! Date with my hubby, horse ride, all my favorite treats and possibly the best birthday presents I've ever received! Here's my day in pictures:
I was able to start my day off with an 11.11 mile run with the lovely Jocelyn. (More on this later)

My friend Jenna made me this medal and bib holder. Isn't it just perfect!!
 This is the current status of my medals, so I NEEDED this. :)
 When I got out of my ice bath, I was greeted by Kevin, the boys and these delicious cinnamon rolls from Shirley's Bakery.
 Cory picks out my card every year. This is my second favorite one ever. (Last year's CARD still holds a special place in my heart.)

 Our friend Bryce the Cowboy let us ride this little rescue mare named Cherry. She didn't have a straight leg on her, but she was such a little sweetie.

 My sweet sister-in-law brought me my favorites: cookies, PowerCrunch bars Nuun and Sports Beans. I also bought myself a new pair of Pro Compression socks. Runner's heaven right there my friends.
 Jocelyn delivered this amazing Magelby's chocolate cake. (I told you I was feeling the love from everyone!)
 Date night with my main man was so fun. After dinner we drove up the canyon and to a few of my favorite spots.
 The perfect ending to any birthday... Kazookie from The Chocolate.
Yesterdays run was suppose to be 14 miles, as part of a drop back week. 1 mile in I started having knee pain. I contemplated sitting down and crying my eyes out, but dug deep and decided that for my birthday I wanted to run at least 6 miles even if they hurt. The pain turned from sharp to dull so I went for 11.11 miles, hoping for some good luck. The knee still hurts today and I'm slowly accepting that I'm injured. It hurts to even type those words. I'm going to the physical therapist as soon as I can get in. I'm being a good girl and RICEing the heck out of it. I could be all down and depressed about it, but I have too many good things going on in my life to whine about this. My plan is to rest it for a couple of days, try to run on Wednesday or Thursday and decide if I can swing pacing the Alpine Half on Saturday or not.

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