Tuesday, May 6, 2014

10 signs you love running

Today was a cross training day, and honestly all I wanted to do was run.  
This picture proves that I love running. Who could possibly smile while running through all that mud?
10 signs you love running ....in case you weren't sure yet. ;)
1. You have to force yourself to take "rest" days.

2. You force your significant other to listen to every detail of your daily run.

3. Foam rolling and stretching take a higher priority than brushing your teeth.
4. You get more jazzed about a new pair of running shoes than a new pair of pumps.
5. Your car console is full of your favorite running fuel (I'm on a Chocolate Outrage and Salted Carmel GU kick right now.)
6. You're willing to take ice-baths so you can recover faster... and run more.
7. When you go on vacation you automatically start researching local races and running routes.

8. Any hint of an injury causes you to immediately spend hours researching what could have caused it and how to treat it.

9. When you see other people out running you are green with envy and have to fight the urge to just drop...................  everything and go for a run. (Did you think I was going to say drop kick them? I will not admit nor deny such silliness.)

10. When you're actually proud of your missing toenails, blisters and chaffing.

Today's Workout
Warm up
Skaters, front/back/diagonal lunges, jumping jacks

Lower body weights Did these exercises in groups of 2 (in order). 3 sets x 8-12 reps
Regular squats
Plie squats
Leg press machine (feet close together)
Leg press machine- calf raises
Leg curls
Leg extension
Cable hip abduction
Cable hip adduction

Hanging knee lifts (also did 3 sets of these while twisting to get the obliques)
Wood choppers
Weighted ball crunch

When did you know you were in love with running?

If you could never run again, what would you do to "replace" it?

Have you ever tried a mud run?

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