Monday, April 28, 2014

Camping with kids

Top 5 Rules for Camping with Kids:
1. Leave all of your expectations for sleep at home, in your warm comfortable bed.
2. Baby wipes are the most magical invention ever. Bring plenty!
3. Focus on the positive moments of the trip. Inevitably there will be some hard times, and you'll be tempted to throw everything in the truck and drive home. Stick it out.
4. Remember dirt washes off.
5. Bring your sense of humor.

Slim is my good little sleeper. It looks like he was covering his ears in this picture. Cory was up with the sun and was biting at the bit to get going.

Comically hard parts of the weekend:
We got a late start, had to buy a tent on our way down because we forgot to bring one (ugh!), couldn't find our group's camp in the dark, came across a friend (also looking for the group) just as his truck broke down. We didn't have our tent set up and kids in sleeping bags until after midnight. When the sun came up, it brought high winds and rain. Fun times. ;)
The payoff:
The weather broke long enough for us to run around Goblin Valley until everyone was beyond exhausted.  I basically posted this picture to show off how hot my husband is. I just love him.
 I still don't know how this happened, but at the trail head a sweet group of historians offered us this fry bread with honey butter. Aww... the good life.
 We played hide and seek games, and hearing the kids squeal and giggle made the previous night worth it.

 Can you spy Kevin with Mason on his back?

When this happened, I thought it was time to head back to the truck.
 When this happened, I knew we were officially done.
 I transferred him from the backpack to the car seat, and he didn't open an eye.

The aftermath:
 Needless to say, I've been playing catch up, and the washing machine has been hopping!
Today's workout:
5 minute warm-up
walking lunges
squat kicks

Circuit (repeat 3 times)
Single leg squat suspension with strap
Diagonal lunges
Kettlebell pass under walking lunges (The video shows lunges standing in one spot, I did walking lunges)
Box jumps
Ball hamstring rollouts

Do you enjoy camping?

Have you ever forgotten an essential item on a trip....say a tent on a camping trip?

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