Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dump is a weird word. Say it. See?

Photo dump from Memorial weekend!
We went on a 24 hour trip down to Glenwood, UT to see cousins. Can you spy Cory's super happy face?
Mason the morning after a very rough night in a camp trailer.
More cousin time
I love that these guys are such great buddies.
We have established THE best way to eat raspberries. You must try this now.
Another family outing to Yogurtland. I had their homemade strawberry, and I've been craving it ever since.
I read Galloway's Marathon FAQ book. It was a really quick read (It's printed in a ridiculously huge font.) It was interesting and my main take away is that I need to be smarter about making most of my runs "easy" and do my long runs at a very slow pace. He's really into the walk/run method, but for some reason that doesn't appeal to me??? I'm a few chapters into Eat and Run and I'm loving it so far!
What's your favorite running related book?

What is your favorite book series?

What is your favorite yogurt/ice-cream flavor?

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