Friday, May 30, 2014

Hanging with the Big Cheese

I can’t believe the little baby that made me a mama is 5 years old. For some reason I’ve been emotional about this milestone. I’ve learned so much in the past 5 years about patience, humility, love and selflessness.  In many ways I’m a completely different person. I’m thankful for all parenthood has taught me, but I can’t help but look back with regret over my many short comings. I can’t get these past 5 years back. I know I tried hard, but it’s easy for me to wonder if I could have, should have, tried harder.
I know I need to put the negative thoughts to rest and focus on the future, and how I can continue to grow as a person and parent, but sometimes it is hard for me to not beat myself up. Just look at this cute little guy!

  His birthday just happened to fall on the last day of school. His class went on a field trip to a local pizza place and then had a police officer come and visit them. Basically 5 year old heaven.

 Dinner at the Brick Oven. They gave him a man sized portion of pasta and he was happy about it!

 Lollipop sundaes all the way around! Who knew that a sucker makes the perfect utensil for eating a sundae?!
He requested a visit to Chuck E Cheese's, so we ended a darn near perfect day with the Big Cheese himself.

Today's Workout:
Lower body weights - 3x15
Leg press machine- normal squats, sissy, sumo and calf raises
One leg hops using the suspension straps
Frog jumps using the suspension straps (these were so hard!)
Hamstring leg curls with ball
Leg lifts- outer and inner thighs
Bicycle crunches

3 mile run
It was a beautiful morning to be out running around.

What was your most memorable birthday as a kid?

Homemade cupcakes or store bought?

Name one thing you did today that made you feel happy?

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