Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dr. Dreadful

So I had to have a cavity filled yesterday. The dentist did a great job (he's not why this post if titled Dr. Dreadful) 
Whenever I go to the dentist I always clean my mouth like my life depended on it. :) It's not like a don't brush and floss, but there's something very intimidating about having people inspect your mouth. This Glide floss is the best and I've tried them all. I have crowded teeth and this stuff is smooth as butter. It also tastes wonderful, if you're into flavored floss.
I may look calm in this photo but I assure you my palms were sweaty. I have issues with shots. They terrify me.
 Here's a bit of advice. Don't look at their instruments before having dental work done. It only increases the terror. I survived the ordeal and my hubby only rubbed it in a little that he's only had one cavity and it was as a kid.

 Now you need to meet Dr. Dreadful.

Under pressure to find a way to bribe Cory into getting rid of his fish tank, I agreed to this terrible toy. He LOVES it. Somehow it is just as much work for me as the fish tank was. You have to follow a "recipe" to make the gooey guts and such, and he needs my help to do it. It does facilitate one-on-one time between us, so I guess that's good.

Today's Strength Training Workout
Squat kicks
Jumping jacks

3 Rounds
Walking lunges
Dead lifts
Standing leg lifts (using cable)
Seated hamstring curls (machine)
Leg extensions (machine)
Squats - legs together
            - standard squat position
            - sumo squats
(I am not a personal trainer. I made this combination of moves up for myself.)

Absolute 6-pack workout from the Fitstudio site

Do you feel like you're being "graded" or judged when you go to the dentist?

What's the most regrettable toy you've ever bought for your kid?

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