Saturday, April 5, 2014

Traveling with kids

I recently flew from Utah to SC with my 4 year old and 1 year old all by me onesies. I can almost claim to be a master traveler when it comes to traveling with children. I estimate that I've made the trip at least 14 times in the past 4 1/2 years. I've about got it down to a science. I drank some ZipFizz (caffeinated drink) and snacked on Cadbury Mini Eggs on the drive to the airport. Mommy needs her strength ;)
Here are a few of my tips:
-Don't dress up. You will be a sticky hot mess by the end, and you better have on comfortable and cool clothes. Don't even think of wearing heels. The stress and carrying the bags will make you sweat buckets and you don't want to be weighed down with extra layers. See I have turned dressing comfortable and frumpy into an art form. I even did my hair "messy" so I didn't look like I went through a tornado mid flight.

-When in doubt, leave it out. I'm the mom who packs the entire house to go to the grocery store or park. When it comes to traveling, less is more. Think, "Could I make due without this item?" And if the answer is yes then by all means don't put it in your carry-on.
-Entertainment is key. I pack dollar store items and wrap them in tissue paper. When the kids get squirrely, I pull out a new toy. They're cheap and if we leave it on the plane, in the airport or it evaporates into thin air....I don't care. We flew at night, so I packed glow sticks this time. I'm pretty sure everyone was jealous of our light show on row 23.
-Bring a plastic grocery sack to put trash in. Kids produce trash like a German Shepard sheds.  The flight attendants only sweep the plane for garbage a few times and they usually rush by so quickly that I miss them. Put all the wrappers, dirty tissues and wipes in the bag. I can't stand feeling trapped by clutter, bags and kids, so keeping the area tidy really helps my mental health on a flight.
-Positive thinking. I used to get all worked up when my baby started to cry or throw a tantrum. Now I take a deep breath and remind myself that it is ok. People will deal with it, and it's usually the calm before the storm (the kid usually falls asleep in my arms after the big freak-out).
He looks too sweet to tantrum, but I assure you he can turn it on in .02 seconds.
We survived another cross country flight without the use of alcohol or drugs, and that is something to celebrate!
 Thanks to my nephew's 2nd grade teacher, even Flat Stanley enjoyed the experience.

Today's workout:
Ran the Come See Me Half ~ Race Review coming soon! It was a doozy!

Have you flown with children?

What are some of your tricks for flying with children?

Do you like to dress nice or comfy when you travel?
I use to enjoy dressing classy when I flew, but I got stuck in the Denver airport on my 21st birthday wearing uncomfortable heels. Never again!!!

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