Thursday, April 17, 2014

Crawling out of a running rut

Every once in a while I cycle into a "running rut". I all of a sudden will find myself dreading my alarm going off, or feeling like my run is just another "to do" on my busy list. I find that even after my run I'm still craving something to help me unwind from stress and anxiety.
I felt myself slipping into one of these states of mind recently. I have set some lofty running goals for this year and I'm finding that those goals are feeling more and more impossible. I talked to my personal counselor (aka the husband) about my feelings. He gently reminded me that I've felt this way before and that I always re-discover my passion for running and faith in my goals. This past week I've been working on my relationship with running.

1. Change things up! This week I changed up the days that I run, I went trail running, added some new songs to my playlist, focused on weight training, and ignored my Garmin/pace. I've also been opting to run alone. Sounds backwards, since we all know running with friends is amazing, but I also feel a lot of pressure to "keep up" when I run with others. It adds an element of stress to my runs, and it's nice to just go as fast or slow as I feel like in the moment.
The Bonneville Trail runs behind my house. 5 minute walk and I'm on the mountain. 

2. Most powerful of all, revisit your goals. I thought about why I made my goals and decided which ones are really important to me and which ones are not.

3. Have compassion for yourself. Sounds silly, but my running ruts are usually fueled by feelings of inadequacy. "I'll never be able to run consistent 8:30min miles" "It just takes me too long to recover in between workout/runs." "I'll never progress past this point." Sound familiar? I've been trying to focus on my successes, my little victories and telling all the negative self talk to shut the heck up.
Small victory... my shadow has a bicep! ;)

4. Focus on something besides running that makes you happy and gives you a sense of identity. I've been doing some home organizing and decorating, which makes me really happy.
I made these super easy yellow pillows for my bed.

Would you rather buy or make decorations for your home?

Do you prefer working out indoors or outdoors?

What's your favorite form of being creative?

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