Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Risky business

Nothing great ever came about with out the courage to take risk. If we can remove our fear of failure and willingly take the victories and the face-plants, we are capable of anything. This is a reminder for myself. I naturally avoid risk and have to remind myself that there is no shame in failure. To fail means I acted. To fail means I've had an opportunity to learn. I love this Mark Twain quote I found on pfitblog.com.
 On a lighter (and much shallower) note, my new shoes arrived! They are the Brooks Ravenna 4s. I've never run in Brooks and am excited to see how I like them.
I loved this morning's workout. I did 3 sets of each pair of exercises, and finished with all of the plank work.
(You could do this workout at home as long as you have hand weights and a band.)

Walking lunges
Stability ball leg curl        
Leg press (sissy, sumo and normal)
Calf raises                     
Dead lifts
Tuck jumps                     
Sumo high kettlebell pull
Single leg jumps               

Windshield wipers (obliques)         
Weighted ball crunch          
Ab pulldown
Wood choppers (obliques)

1 min plank up on hands
30sec  plank on forearms
30 sec plank on forearms with left leg lifted
30 sec plank on forearms with right leg lifted
1 min side plank (30sec each side)
1 min plank, with leg step outs

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