Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Flying mice and Slim has a suprise for you

I never know how much to "taper" prior to my races. I want to go in with fresh legs, but my days just go better when I get to run. Yesterday my legs felt so heavy on my run and then today I felt great. It's so hard to figure out these bodies. One thing is certain; some runs will be plain perfect and some will be completely miserable.
Today was another cold windy day so other than a little bike derby in the road and pulling some weeds, we've been cooped up inside. Good thing I have a creative little 4-year-old to keep us entertained. He asked to make a zip line for his mice. It kept us busy for at least 45 minutes. :)
 These two monkeys seriously make me so happy that sometimes I want to burst from the "happys". They also drive me absolutely bonkers.
 Mason figured out how to pick his nose. He's such a good sharer and always tries to hand them to me.
 He must love you too, because today he tried to share one with you!

Today's Workout:
5 minute warm up
3 sets, 10-12 reps 
Rear delt flies
Arnold press
Dumbbell front raise

Bicep curls
Bench dips
Dumbbell bench press

1 min plank (on hands)
1 min plank (on elbows)
Plank (raise right leg for 30 sec, then left for 30)
1 min plank (alternate tapping right, then left, foot out to each side)
Side planks (30 seconds both sides)

Do you taper before your races?

Do you like surprises (not the booger kind, like real surprises)?
I do, but I'm also too impatient to wait. I always convince Kevin to tell me about birthday/Christmas presents. I have a friend who is pregnant, and not finding out what she's having. I've lost sleep not knowing, and it's not even my future child. :)

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