Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tramatic new experience

I was actually a good car owner today and had my tires rotated and my car washed.  I didn't realize until we were already in the carwash that Mason has no memory of the "chamber of death". I guess I should have prepped him. When I saw his eyes get big as saucers, I did what any good mom would do and grabbed my camera. I only laughed at him for a minute and then did speak a few soothing words. Poor thing.
Although scared of car-washes, he had no fear of this big scary Sasquatch. He even blew a few bubbles at it.

Do you believe in bigfoot?
I don't, but ever since Cory went on Expedition Everest at Disney World, he is a die-hard believer.

Do you wash your car more in the summer or winter?
With the snow/salt I should answer winter, but the truth is that I neglect my car all winter and keep it shiny all summer.

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