Thursday, April 17, 2014

Home again, home again

Coming back home to Utah was so bittersweet. I missed my sweet-heart, the mountains, my bed, friends and more, but I have to leave a BIG piece of my heart behind when I get on that airplane to come home. Luckily I came home to beautiful weather!
Slim is 1 going on 5
So excited for flip flop season.
After the park I took a nap. (Ok, I've taken a nap almost every day since we got back to Utah.) When I woke up I found that Cory had helped himself to some Frosted Mini Wheats. Only problem was that he ate the frosted tops off of all of them and left the wheat. He can't help it. He get's it from his Mama.
Post nap-selfie.
Best part of being back in Utah, is being back with this handsome guy. He's kind of a big deal in our house.

I love this sweet picture of Slim. He was looking up at the moon.

Today's Workout
Very random workout, since I didn't walk into the gym with a plan. My #1 workout rule is to always have a plan going into a workout, but I'm breaking all of my rules today.

Shoulder press
Front and lateral raises
Bench press
Dumbbell Flys

Pull downs
Low rows
Tricep pulldowns

Tricep machine

Cooled down on the spin bike

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