Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The good the bad and the ugly

I had to dedicate an entire post about my trip to the food! I love eating good food, especially with people I love. Here are some food highlights from SC.
The Good 
My brother Cory grilled up my absolute favorite! I crave kabobs all summer long. They are one of my favorite things about summer. 

Here are a few of the snacks I had for my kids. Pouches of fruit, dried edamame and berries, and Target's fruit leathers (Simply Balanced brand). I know when we're traveling, we're all going to be eating more processed foods, so I try to at least have some healthier alternatives.
Mango Thai chicken from the Red Bowl was delicious.
Broccoli salad (I love the bags from Sams and Walmart) with Red Bowl leftovers
 Taco Bar
 The Bad
I didn't lose all of my whits about me, but did indulge in many servings of Blue Bell ice-cream while I was home. Blue Bell ice-ream is AMAZING! I also had to get Bojangles Bo-Berry Biscuits.

The Ugly
I ripped my pants on like day 3 of our trip. Definitely an ugly sign that I may have enjoyed the southern cuisine a little too much. Luckily I don't really believe in "good" and "bad" food, and believe food is more than just fuel.  Food is also to be enjoyed. (Sorry all you die hard "healthy" eaters. I know I'm speaking blasphemy in your eyes.) I know that a few weeks of cleaned up eating will have me feeling like my self in no time.

Today's Workout 
 Warm up- Dancing in my car on the way to the gym, skaters, lunges, jumping jacks, squat kicks
 Bonnie Pfiester's Squat session!!!
2 Sets of Sissy, Regular and Plie squats
My legs were jello from these alone

2 Sets~
Reverse lunge
Leg extensions
Balance ball hamstring rollout (I love this move! So simple but I always feel the burn.)

Hill workout on the treadmill inspired by Run Lil' Mama. I shortened it a bit, but it felt good to get some "hill" work in.

*I am not a personal trainer, so if you do this workout and get injured it is not my fault ;)

What's your favorite thing to grill?

Who does the grilling at your house?
I claim the title of grill-master at our house. 

Do your eating habits change in the summer v/s the winter?
We tend to eat more fresh foods and more 7-eleven slurpees. It all evens out I guess. :)

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