Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sunshine and cookies

We've enjoyed a beautiful day here in Utah! We spent a lot of the day playing outside, but did manage to cook up some yummy food that I'm excited to share. I'm going to try to do a big "food post" on Friday, so that if you're not into pictures of food, you can just skip the whole post. :) 
We did venture away from home to stop by the bank. I'm scared for the day the bank ever runs out of suckers. My boys know the routine!
We have a 9 month old lab named MaeBelle. Mason thinks her name is "No", which is quite accurate. I keep hoping she'll grow out of all of her vices, but I'm thinking we'll be dropping some money on training in the future.
  We're pretty bad at selfies.
My thoughtful sister-in-law makes THE BEST cookies. She likes to play around with her recipes and make healthier/cleaner versions of the originals. She dropped some coconut oatmeal chocolate chip cookies off tonight and they were the perfect ending to a great day.
Leg day tomorrow! Whoo hoo! I'll post details of my workout tomorrow.

Do you request suckers at the bank?
My kids are usually yelling to the teller what colors they want. We're classy. 

What's your favorite breed of dog?
I always wanted a boxer, but we got a lab because we thought it would be a better family dog. So far MaeBelle just knocks the kids down and steals their snacks.

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