Thursday, March 20, 2014

Strong side!

Remember the Titans was playing in the cinema room at the gym this morning. I have forgotten just how much I love this movie and can't believe I don't own it. I almost fell off my treadmill during the last play of the movie, when Rev runs it in for the winning touchdown, because I dropped my shoulder and stiffened up like I was actually the one making the block for him.  
Watch #8... Boom!!! This isn't from the movie, but it's an awesome block just the same.

Even with a great movie to distract me, my brain started saying, "Maybe we'll cut this run short" "Maybe I'll go home early and get some stuff done before the kids wake up" "Maybe I should just do my run tonight".
When your mind starts to bail on your run, try this!

Run 3/4 a mile at a slow and comfortable pace, and then do 1/4 mile at a fast pace (not full out, but where you're really wanting to stop). I did this, and was able to finish my 5 mile run strong this morning.

Changing up our speed during our runs can really help us mentally.
If you're planning on a shorter run, less than 3 miles, you may want to modify this plan to something like this:
Walk for 1/4 a mile, run at a hard pace for 1/4 mile, jog for 1/4 a mile. Learning to recover at a jog is also a really important skill to have when you're getting into running. (It's also a great confidence booster!)

This morning's Leg Workout:
3 rounds
Single leg glutes- This is the closest video I could find, but I sure hope I didn't look this spastic
Lunges with Dumbbells
Bench step overs with Dumbbells
Diagonal lunge
Stomps - I modified this to go from the plank position to a crouch, to work my abs too

(FYI...I'm not a personal trainer. I make up these workouts and they work for me.)

Do you like "feel good" sports movies, even though you always know who's going to win?

What do you do when you're having a tough run/workout to finish strong? 

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