Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Recovering like a boss

I didn't know what to expect post-marathon. I prepared myself for the post-race "blues", but fortunately they never really came. I think it's because my race calendar is so full. (Wasatch Back "Ultra" Ragnar this weekend and Hobbler Half two weeks after that.) I tried to run 4 days post marathon, but I could feel my left calf (felt like a strain or pull) so I kept it short. 
Here was last week's Daily Mile report. 2 miles.  I can't remember running that few miles since I started running consistently 2 years ago.
 Due to sick kids, family visiting and life in general I didn't attempt running again until yesterday. Mentally and emotionally I was dying to run, but I can still feel the strained calf muscle. It is what it is. I've been doing lots of foam rolling, stretching and planks. If I can't run as  much as I'd like, I might as well work on my core.
I took these 4 cuties to the library's 1,2,3 Blast Off summer reading program and they loved it. I think I deserve a gold star for taking 4 kids into public on my own (and not losing one).
 Not running has given me more opportunities to wear "normal clothes". I have to admit that I have grown to prefer living in elastic waist bands. :) As usual... I had something spilled on me. I think (hope) this was water but you never know.
 Without running, I've been battling with my emotional eating more. This salad, however, always satisfies me.
 My go to "comfort food" right now is hummus. So dang good.
Do you prefer real clothes or workout clothes?

Do you take time off from running after a big race?

What is your favorite snack right now?

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