Wednesday, June 11, 2014

3 Days until Utah Valley Marathon 2014!!

I had my second baby 2 years ago (on June 15th). 2 weeks after he was born I started walking. 4 weeks after I started to walk/run, and soon after he turned one I ran my first half marathon. I've never stopped training. In 3 days I'll run my first marathon. I've sure grown and experienced great joy these past 2 years.

This morning was my last run before the race. I expected to feel awesome since I have been tapering my mileage the last 3 weeks. Well, I didn't feel great. Not by a long shot. I know that here on out it is mostly a head game, so I've been spending time thinking about my "positive affirmations".

Positive affirmations:
I've done the training. Now I get to just enjoy the experience.
What's the best case scenario? (I spend a few minutes a day dreaming about the "best case scenario".)
No one cares how fast or slow I run it.
I will feel accomplished no matter my speed, as long as I know I put forth a great effort. 
I get to run a marathon. (insert feelings of excitement here)
I've pushed through cramped muscles and can do it again if needed.
The last miles will hurt, and they are why finishing will feel so amazing. Embrace the hurt.

I've also done some extra stretching and walking this week. I really like the last 32 minutes of the p90x Stretch video. 

In non-running related news. Cory is currently at Amber's house. He apparently has quite the little crush on her.
Our conversation this morning~
Cory: "Mom, I want to make a new friend."
Me:  "OK Cory we can try to meet new friends."
Cory: "Mom, I want to play with a new friend today."
Me: "OK Cory I'll try calling Logan's mom."
Cory, totally frustrated with me: "No mom! You know who!"
Me, totally confused: "What are you talking about Cory?"
Cory, bright red from embarrassment: "I want to play with Amber."

And so it begins.
How old where you when you had your first "crush"?
I remember having a crush on a little boy named Mark in kindergarten. 
Any advice for the marathon? I'll take any I can get!

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