Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Baby mustaches make me giggle

This last weekend I was able to run Ragnar Wasatch Back, Ultra style. This experience deserves it's own post, so for now I'll just say it was completely inspiring, humbling and fun! 
Here's a "before" picture of our awesome team Pro Compression (minus Jake, our amazingly helpful driver/photographer):
(Upper body workout at the bottom of this post)

Life around Ragnar has been busy! Between kickball, swim lessons, and a yucky virus that attacked our house, I feel like my head is spinning. :)
 Cory had his final kickball game on Thursday. He had a great experience playing and loved the social aspect of it.
 Cory's # 1 fans
 Here are a couple action shots of my sweet boy:

 He's also loving swim lessons.
 They found some temporary mustache tattoos yesterday, and I laugh every time I look at them.


Today's Workout:
Dumbbell flys
Alternating dumbbell chest press

Overhead dumbbell tricep extensions
Bench press

Seated low rows
Pull downs

Single arm bent over rows
Dumbbell curl and press
Alternating front and side dumbbell raises

25 minutes on the spin bike
5 min warm up
(Repeat sprint/flat road intervals 3 times)
3 min sprint out of the saddle
2 minute fast flat road
5 min cool down

1 min 30 second plank when I got home

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