Friday, June 13, 2014

Ok... I'll tell you my one goal for tomorrow

I have to start by saying that my local grocery store, Reams, now carries BYU Creamery ice-cream. If you've ever had BYU ice-cream, you know why I'm so excited about this.
 I'm feeling much more confident and excited for tomorrow than I was yesterday. It's amazing what one night of sleep can do for your perspective.  Here's the official outfit:
I've been pretty careful about my eating the last few days. Breakfast today was whole wheat pancakes with ground chia seeds and bananas. I topped them with plain Greek yogurt and Sohgave syrup. So delicious.
Lunch was left over pasta and dinner was homemade whole wheat pizza. I also ate a couple of bananas and a protein bar. If I don't end up with tummy issues tomorrow, I will be eating this exact menu for every future race. ;)
 The expo might as well been Disneyland for my kids. They loved getting all the freebies and Cory had to check out the Haunted Half's spooky display.
 We noticed some familiar faces on this huge banner at the Top of Utah's Half Marathon booth.
 Those two pacers in pink are the famous Holly and Stephanie. one goal for tomorrow is to not end up like this guy:
 Time to get to bed! The alarm is set for 3:10am! Yikes!

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