Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hello Summer, meet Winter.

We've been experiencing some crazy weather here in Utah this week. Yesterday it snowed in the mountains and was in the 50s in the valley. It was quite a shock to the system. I froze all day. It sure made for some beautiful scenery though. The mountains are really green, with snow caps. Here was the view from my house this morning. Just beautiful!

Something not beautiful at all..... laundry mountain on my bed. My body is recovering from Saturday, but so is my house. Things sure fall apart fast when mom is MIA for a day (or two).
My appetite has been weird since the race. Some of my typical pregnancy cravings have resurfaced (like loving potato chips???), but I'm am NOT pregnant. Weird. I know that if I want my muscles to rebuild themselves nice and strong, they need the proper nutrition. I've been on an eating roller coaster. Eat chips....drink a kale smoothie. Eat a Hershey's a serving of broccoli the size of my head. I'm hoping I can settle back into my normal eating soon. 
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate (no make-up seems to be the trend this week)
These 3 cousins had so much fun dressing up and playing together yesterday. Cousins really are the BEST friends.
 This is such a minor thing, but I got so much pleasure putting the 26.2 badge on the blog. Ain't it pretty?
Today's Workout:
Upper body 3x12
Kettlebell snatches with squat

Bicep curls
Tricep overhead extensions
Tricep dips

Face pulls

Hammer curl into shoulder press
Straight arm pull backs

Crunches on BOSU  ball
Bicycle crunches

1 min elbow plank
1 min side plank (each side)
1 min elbow plank

Hit the treadmill for a 2 mile shake out "run". Walked .5, ran 1, walked .5.

Are your cousins your best friends?

Do you have a designated "laundry day" or do you do loads throughout the week?
I do loads throughout the week, so having 4 loads to fold all at once was miserable for me. 

Do you have weird cravings after a race or intense workout?

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