Monday, June 9, 2014

Hello Monday, I've missed you

I know I'm in the minority, but I truly adore Mondays. I was able to finish Eat and Run over the weekend, and I'm glad I was able to have this inspiration under my belt before this Saturday's Marathon. Scott Jurek is the master of pushing through all kinds of things and has mastered his "running head game". Learning about his fine-tuned clean eating was inspiring but did mess with my head a little. Being OCD and a perfectionist, I get a little discouraged when I see the power and wisdom of eating super clean and healthy, when I still feel the need to shove cookies in my mouth on a regular basis. (Insert my mantra here... "By small and simple things.")
I quite like my routine of waking up at a crazy early hour and getting my workouts in before my family is awake. I did, however, try something new this week, and I guess it wasn't too terrible. :)

I took the kids to the track at 4pm to get a run in. Mason wasn't thrilled at first and tried to run after me the first few times I ran around. He soon figured out that I wasn't actually running away from him, never to return. Working out with the kids around is still great for the endorphins, but it does not give me that mental break and emotional rejuvenation that I get from leaving them at home. :)

 We stopped by the splash pad after the track to cool off.

And then while the boys were showering, I did a quick lower body weights workout in the bathroom. Now that is multitasking at it's finest.
15 regular squats
15 sissy squats
15 sumo squats
15 front lunges
15 back lunges
15 dead lifts
Repeat 3 times (or when your kids start to get wrinkly).
Happy Monday everybody! Let's make this week a gooden'!

Do you workout with your kids present?

Do you like or dread Mondays?

What's for dinner tonight? (I'm in a dinner rut!)

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