Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cause baby I'm a firework

We had yet another great year watching the Freedom Parade in Provo, UT.  Mason loved the motorcycles and seeing Darth Vader. Cory loved getting squirted by the passing floats, throwing pop-its, and being with his cousins.

 Slim gives the best loves!
 Holly, Jorge, Stephanie, McKenna and Kobe, all ran the 10k. You can read about their experience HERE. I've never done this race, but it sounds like a fun and challenging one.
We were also able to enjoy two BBQs with family and friends. We ate so much yummy food that day! We spent the evening with the Reynolds family and it was a great time. Cory and Slim had so much fun playing with their cute kids.
 We enjoyed a gorgeous sunset around the fire and then Brandon put on a very impressive (and I'm sure very expensive) fireworks show for us. This was Cory and Mason's first year seeing aerial fireworks. We've always had them in bed before they started. :)

 Slim was all about the clean up.

I tend to get homesick for my SC family on holidays, but I was so busy all day enjoying my UT family and friends that I didn't this year. It's weird having your heart split between two places. I don't think I'll ever feel complete in either place, because I'll always be longing for the other. SC is part of who I am- I adore and miss my family there, but UT with it's beautiful mountains and loving family and friends has captured my heart. I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July, surrounded by people you love. God bless America!

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