Sunday, July 13, 2014

Not all rainbows and unicorns

I try to be a positive person and I hope my posts reflect that. I know that a grateful heart leads to happiness. Now with that said, life is not always blissfully happy or easy. Little Slim brings me so much joy, but this past week he provided me with lots of "growing experiences".

"Not me mommy. I'm your easy child."
A few nights ago, Slim decided he wanted to have an all night party in his room. Every 30 minutes he would start screaming, "Mom! Mom! Mom!" until I would go in to convince him to stop screaming. After playing this fun game until 4 in the morning, I ended up just "sleeping" in the recliner with him. Funny how he decided he was finally tired when mama was holding him. At 4:30am I turned my gym alarm off and just accepted that working out was not going to happen. No sleep + No workout = Emotional Mama

This does not make a good bed.
 It's not shocking that I had a hard time dealing with the rest of my day. Sleep deprivation is no joke.
The daily (or multiple times a day) emptying of all the cupboards bothered me more than usual.
I know that I am raising 2 little boys because this kind of thing happens on a regular basis. Yes those are snails.
 So gross!
This is what your porch will look like when 100 snails escape their bucket in the night. Notice my dead flowers in the background. Things have been rough around here lately. 
 While I'm being real with you all,  I also let my boys get completely sunburned. I'm usually the sunscreen queen and I have cried over letting Slim get so burnt (his little shoulders actually blistered.)

 This is what I look like when I want to curl in a ball and rock back in forth. I was so tired that my lazy eye was starting to show itself.
Slim didn't seem too bothered by his all nigher. He just hung out in my bed watching his favorite movies all day.
It took until the next night, but I finally was able to go to the gym for one "test" run before the Hobbler Half. I only made it a couple miles on the treadmill, but it did help cheer me up.
I'm pleased to say that we had a great weekend. The kids slept, I was able to run the Hobbler Half, and spent time with family and friends. I'm sure glad hard days (weeks) don't last forever. I'm ready for this new week, and I'm betting it's better than last week. :)

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