Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The trail run that wasn't

I attempted my first post-Ragnar run on Saturday. I was invited to do an 8 mile trail run with a fun group of gals. I knew my body wasn't totally recovered (still had calf pain and knee pain), but I have a really hard time missing out on fun things, so I went. 1 mile in I knew my body wasn't ready. My tendinitis in my knee was really bothering me. I slowed it way up and ended up doing a walk/jog. Jocelyn stayed with me, but we sent the group on. It was quite frustrating for me at first, but I focused on what my body has let me do over the past year instead of what it wasn't letting me do in that moment. It was a beautiful morning and I really want to do this run again when I'm feeling better.

 If you can't run, you can at least take "running" pictures.
When I got home, I took Slim back to the doctor. The poor kid has had a cough for like a month and has been such a gremlin child lately. Turns out he has his first ear infection. We're on day 3 of the antibiotic and he's already returning to his old happy self.
 Dr's office selfies
I started my Monday like a beast. I finished off all of the watermelon in the fridge and hydrated while I planned out my week. Unfortunately beast-mode wore off by like 10 in the morning. I have the hardest time keeping myself motivated on the days I don't run. :( I have the Hobbler Half on Saturday, so at least I know I'll get to run in 5 more days. I can make it!
If you don't know what to have for lunch, you should have this. Quinoa and black bean quesadilla. I may be repeating this every day this week. So satisfying!
Today's Workout:
About 5 minutes of: side lunges, squat kicks, jumping jacks, reverse lunges

3x15 Kettle bell pass under, walking lunges
3x15 Kettle bell single arm clean and press ( I added a squat at the bottom of the movement)

3x15 Wall-ups
3x 20seconds Handstands with one foot on wall

3x15 pilates leg lifts (alternating front and side = 1 rep)
3x15 reverse leg lifts (pulse 10 after the last set)

Plank (1:30)
3x10 Push-ups

40 min on the spin bike
(Did 3 min out of the saddle, 2 min in the saddle intervals for the duration)

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