Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Today is a BIG day

 Before we get to why today is a really big day, I have to share some fun moments from the weekend. Sunday before church, we went on a walk and relaxed at the park. Kevin and I both got cozy on our own benches and soaked up the morning sun. 
 Mason is in love with his new "noc-lars" and even smuggled them into church.
 Monday morning's run was super windy! When I stopped for a drink, this is what I encountered: the wind was blowing the water the opposite direction.
The windy run rewarded me with another pretty sunrise.
 Today I must have been half asleep when I got to the gym, because when I went to leave I realized I had parked in a handicap spot. Oops.
Now time for the BIG day news!!
My Cory Boy officially starts Kindergarten. This milestone has been shockingly hard for me. It's brought all the regrets, insecurities and failures of my first 5 years of motherhood to the front of my brain. I know that I need to change my thinking, but I just love him so much and wish I was better at this whole "mom" thing. He has truly been my "guinea pig". 
Holly and I took our cuties out to lunch for one last hoorah!  These two boys have been friends as long as they can remember.
Cory and Jackson's first time meeting each other
 These two have really grown up together
 Sweet Cory at his 1st birthday party. He kept kissing and hugging his Pooh Bear cake. (It was also his first time ever having sugar. Ha! Things sure have changed around here.)
After our lunch date, we had some more fun with Aunt Holly and Jack Jack.

 Say a little prayer for me that I can make it out of the school before I have my big cry fest!
How do you push those "mommy failures" out of your mind?

Are you close with your cousins?

Any advice for a mom starting the "public school journey"?

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