Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year's Half

My friend Heidi runs this small half marathon every New Years. I always tell her "way to go", but no way in hell fire am I ever running a race in January in Utah. Well...never say never. 

This race was my slowest half ever (2 hours 33 minutes). I've never walked during a race (except my first 2 5ks) and walked numerous times during this one.  I felt pretty weak-sauce the entire time, and something about knowing I wasn't "racing" it made me pretty lazy. We treated this race as a fun run, and I have to admit I wasn't that cold. I loved running with my friend Heidi. We have the best conversations! I may just have to do this one next year too. 

That hill between mile 2 and 5 is where I did most of the walking.

The race provided hand warmers in their race packets and I loved having them for the first 2 miles. This race is more of a big gathering of running friends, and we enjoyed steaming hot chili, rice, french bread, yogurt and bananas at the end. 

Heidi, me and Missy

Yay for snowman medals!

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