Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014, You were my favorite!

What a year this has been. I spent some time reading back through some of my posts and reminiscing about goals attained, failures, memories made with friends, lessons learned, mistakes repeated. I always say how much I love Mondays because I appreciate the fresh start they provide. Well, I love the beginning of a fresh year for the same reasons.
As a stay at home, I sometimes have a hard time recognizing my accomplishments.

9 Half Marathons
1 Full Marathon
1 Ultra Ragnar
Hiked all 16 miles of the Narrows in Zion
Survived the first trimester of pregnancy
Was consistent helping Cory with his school work (about 45 min each week day)
Implemented and stuck with a chore chart/reward system for Cory
Served as secretary in my church's Young Women's organization
Took my kids on several memorable vacations (Goblin Valley camping, Rock Hill S.C, Myrtle Beach, Glenwood UT) I consider these trips accomplishments because traveling with kids is dang hard.
Played single mom while Kevin went on his Wyoming elk hunt
Improved upon my patience as a mother (still have a long way to go on this one!)

I'm excited to make 2015 a great year!

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