Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pregnancy Weeks 8-11

December began right in the middle of all the first trimester yucks. I only threw up when I had my cold. Mucus did it every time. Pregnancy makes me extremely rage-y, and my family had to endure some crazy mood swings. I had a lot of food aversions and was very opinionated about my food. Cory took this picture of me trying to cook some meat for dinner. Smells are so intense right now.
Some of my cravings were pears and scrambled eggs with ketchup. Of course I craved sweets, but that is just a constant in my life. 

 Here is one of those awkward pregnant selfies in the mirror. Not much going on as far as outward body changes. I keep telling myself that it is a boy, so that I'm not sad when we find out it is a boy. :) I was able to keep my normal workout schedule, but I had runs where I just plain could not breathe.  I had a cold that contributed to it, but I think my body was adjusting to the increase in blood volume or something. My heart rate would sky rocket at a really slow pace. Just when I thought I was done running until after baby arrived, I'd have a really strong run. I never knew how I was going to feel. I'm glad I stuck with it and didn't let the "bad runs" deter me. 
Luckily as the 11th week rolled around, by nausea and food aversions left. As the first trimester ended, I actually started to feel like maybe I wasn't pregnant after all. My runs started to feel better and better!

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