Saturday, December 20, 2014

The December Post

December was a busy and fun month. We had an awesome snow storm blow through and took full advantage of playing outside. Watching my boys sled with daddy made me so happy! 


I know I complain about winter, but it really can be beautiful!
I was able to help decorate the church gym for the Christmas party. I think it turned out pretty great for "keeping it simple".
We enjoyed the Christmas party and Cory was able to spend some time with one of his favorite people. They were in preschool together last year and haven't been able to see each other as much this school year.
Of course Santa showed up at the party.

 We were able to dog-sit Sadie and then had cousin Jackson stay with us, which made things more exciting at our house. Mason was really sad when it was time for Sadie to go back home. It ALMOST makes me wish we had an inside dog. :) Look at that sweet little chubby hand.

 Cory and Jackson spent hours playing together in the snow. 

For one of our Family Home Evenings, we built a gingerbread house. I think this may need to be an annual tradition. Everyone loved it. Of course they ate more candy than what ended up on the house. 
 There is Mason's cute chubby hand again. I love the dimples and will grieve when they disappear.
 I just had to post this adorable picture of Mason enjoying the prelude music at church. He likes to pull out the hymnal and sing along.  

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