Sunday, November 30, 2014

The November Post

Somehow my kids missed the memo that Halloween is over, and that this month belongs to the turkey, food and long family gatherings.  Those thighs though!

Cory was assigned to disguise a turkey for school. When I asked him how he wanted to do it I suggested a super hero disguise or maybe a different animal. He immediately said a bones turkey, because nobody would want to eat a bones turkey. You can't argue with that logic. His teacher must have appreciated his creativity and displayed his turkey in the school's lobby. I told you it is Halloween all year long at our house.
My favorite part of November was having my parents come and visit. We were planning to go to a BYU game, but freezing temperatures crushed our enthusiasm and we gave the tickets away. We spent our time cuddled up on the couch instead. I still don't regret that choice!
 These two kindred spirits loved being together while they spent some quality time with their Ipads.

Now I don't know how this happened, but the only picture I had of my mom from the trip was this little gem. We were having way too much fun getting ready. I can't help but feel happy when I look at this picture. I miss all of the little, everyday, completely ordinary experiences with this amazing women. It was hard telling them good-bye!
We finished our November off with a family trip to Salt Lake City to see the lights. The good news was that it was unseasonably warm the night we went, but the bad news was that the entire state of Utah seemed to be there too. It was so crowded!

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