Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Random October Post

I'm always learning more ways to make eating healthy and cooking for a family easier. Here are two little tips that help make my life easier. When I get home from the grocery store, I prep all of the fresh food. I'll wash everything (I like to fill up the sink with cold water and a splash of vinegar) and then cut things like carrots and celery. I know I'm more likely to grab a healthy snack if they are ready to go.
I also like to buy chicken in bulk when I can get it on sale, and I'll freeze raw breasts in individual baggies (for my family of four, I usually do 2-3 chicken breasts per baggie). I'll also boil a big pot full of chicken, cut it up and freeze it in individual baggies. This makes it really convenient to add chicken to pastas, enchiladas, wraps etc. 

I'm in a bangs stage again. I really love how fixed bangs look, but inevitably I get tired of fixing them and I end up pinning them back. Maybe when I'm a real grown up I'll accept that I should do my hair every day. For now I'll just be sure to post pictures of the rare occasions that I do my hair.
My sweet Cory has a pretty severe allergy to cats, which is really sad since they are his favorite animal. If he touches his face he ends up like this. He was so miserable.
Cory was the student of the week this month, and we made this awesome poster all about him. I feel so lucky to be his mom. He really is such a special kid!
We took the boys to Jakers Pumpkin Patch, which has become an October tradition.
We had some really warm weather in October, so we also visited the park as much as possible. Mason and his friend Millie:

And last but not least, Cory's still loving swim lessons. He has now mastered going under and holding his breath for a few seconds, which is a big accomplishment for him.

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