Saturday, September 6, 2014

Still rockin' the Summer

Other than some cooler temperatures at night, it still feels like Summer here. Even having a Kindergartener hasn't cramped our summer style too much. Slim is quite the little gardener. Well, he's more of a harvester than a gardener. Every morning he begs to go pick strawberries and raspberries. I have a hard time telling him no when he puts on his own boots and says "bay-ees" "get bay-ees mom!"

 He also likes to help himself to food. Here he is sitting on the living room floor eating the sugar off of all of the Frosted Mini Wheats. Lovely.
I didn't get out for my run until after 1pm today. It was over 80 degrees, but I just looked at it as an opportunity to train my body to run in the heat. Kevin and the boys dropped me off up the left fork of Hobble Creek Canyon, and I had a great run down. It was so beautiful!
I made good time (for me), considering the heat. I was a sweaty mess when I was done.

I've been loving this Nuun concoction lately:
1 Lemon Lime Nuun tablet
Frozen strawberries
1 tsp lime juice (fresh would be better, but we're not that fancy over here)
Last and final step...hide from Slim or he WILL suck the whole thing down.
 Kevin was able to go hunting with a friend tonight, so the boys and I went out on the town. We devoured a yummy dinner at Rumbi Grill. I love the Aloha Mango Chicken salad, and the boys split a huge Big Kahuna Burger with sweet potato fries.

What was the highlight of your Saturday?

Stuck on Summer or excited for Fall?

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